“Pharmacy of the World” Ruchira Kamboj highlights India’s constant help to Global South during COVID

Sep 24, 2023

New York (USA), September 24 (ANI): Ambassador of India to the United Nations Ruchira Kamboj hailed India at the India-UN Global Summit for earning the moniker ‘The Pharmacy of the World’ for helping the Global South during the Covid pandemic. She said, “As far as India is concerned, our engagement with the Global South is not just a matter of policy, it is ingrained in the very fabric of our culture and philosophy. Earlier this month, the G20 New Delhi leaders' declaration reinforced our commitment to the comprehensive development of fellow developing nations. Many of you would recall that throughout the COVID pandemic, India had extended a helping hand by providing made-in-India vaccines to nearly 100 countries and supplying medicines to 150 nations, earning us the moniker 'The Pharmacy of the World'. Meantime, our development partnerships have also expanded significantly, reaching 78 nations across diverse regions and we have, over the past decade, initiated 600 projects that stand as a testament to our goodwill for our friends. Capacity building is also at the core of our development philosophy, and we have offered training to 200,000 individuals from over 160 countries, prioritizing the needs of our partners. At the UN, the India-UN Development Partnership Fund, a single country South-South initiative, has successfully developed a portfolio of 75 projects across 56 developing countries in just 6 years.”