“India, a global strategic partner…” reaffirms US State Department Spox Ned Price

Mar 10, 2023

Washington DC (USA), March 10 (ANI): The US on March 09 reiterated its stand on India that India is a global strategic partner of America. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in India for the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and the Raisina Dialogue. He also said that the US wants to deepen its global strategic partnership with India. In a US State Department press briefing, Spokesperson Ned Price said, “Our message to India and about India is consistent. India is a global strategic partner of the US. Secy did have an audience with PM when he was in Delhi for G20. I’m not in a position to detail what was exchanged between them.”“The engagements we've had with our Indian partners at the ministerial level, at the leader level, at all levels, have been in furtherance of deepening the already extensive ties between our two countries,” said US State Department spokesperson.“There are various ways in which our two societies are intertwined. So every time we have an opportunity to meet with our Indian counterparts, it is an effort to deepen what is that already a quite extensive global strategic partnership,” he added.