“Historic milestone…” UNGA Prez hails inclusion of African Union in G20 under India’s presidency

Sep 24, 2023

New York (USA), September 24 (ANI): UNGA President Dennis Francis hailed India for inclusion of African Union into G20 during its presidency. He said, “India's recent G20 presidency marked a historic milestone. Being the first to usher the African Union into the group as a permanent member sending a strong symbol of solidarity and cooperation across the Global South. India, home to 1/6th of humanity, plays an unparalleled role in our global mission for a better, more sustainable world. India's legacy of contributions serves as a guiding light, encompassing endeavours such as championing democracy, promoting women-led development, and being among the pioneers in adopting the UN's global goals. Our enduring partnership from the UN's heart to India's remotest villages serves as an inspiration to the Global South...Throughout this week, we discussed global crises and agreed that we must bridge gaps between commitments to the sustainable development agenda and its implementation."