Vamosys launches India's first GPS-Based TPMS solution for trucking enterprises

Jun 06, 2022

New Delhi [India], June 6 (ANI/SRV): Vamosys has launched an IoT-enabled GPS-Integrated Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) first in India, providing real-time information on the tyre pressures of fleets.
The TPMS solution saves money and ensures passenger and cargo safety. This technology consistently and accurately delivers real-time alerts to the fleet operators when tire pressure or temperature fluctuates significantly.
The GPS-integrated TPMS reduces fuel waste caused by underinflated tires, improving fuel efficiency. It enhances fleet performance, lowers damage, and reduces braking distance.
Sharing his thoughts on the new launch, Prasanna K Ram, Founder of VAMOSYS shared, "For any fleet operator, tyres are the second-highest expense after fuel. Therefore the introduced TPMS is an ideal solution to substantially cut down tyre & fuel expenses and other maintenance costs. The solution is best suited for transportation and cargo firms, heavy machinery manufacturers, passenger coaches, and other companies."
He further added, "Every six months, TPMS saves Rs 20,000 for each vehicle, and it is designed in response to our client's requests, and we have met their requirements."
According to recent reports, 75% of trucks have inadequate tyre inflation pressure. Most truck tyres are inspected manually without any proper gauging mechanism; even one misjudgment might result in catastrophic accidents and losses in terms of both men and material.
VAMOSYS is a telematics firm specializing in innovative digital solutions for trucking and logistics enterprises. TAFE, ADANI, L&T, TVS, Apollo Tyres, and OTTO are just a handful of renowned corporations that have benefited from technological solutions from VAMOSYS.
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