Revolutionizing Classrooms: How Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier is Transforming the Way Teachers & Elderlies with Vocal Cord Issues Communicate

Jan 25, 2023

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], January 25 (ANI/PNN): Since its launch in 2015, Nefficar Voice Amplifier has been helping thousands of people improve their communication and quality of life. This innovative device serves as a voice aid for elderlies, a personal voice amplifier for teachers, trainers, and tour guides, and as a Portable PA system for making announcements or addressing groups of people as large as 50-100. You can even use multiple speakers in sync with a single mic if you want to address a larger crowd. The unique feature of this device is, it is one of the first few such wireless systems and produces natural voice.
The product could really help improve the lifestyle of people with weak, feeble, or hoarse voices, making communication a lot easier. Even if they speak very softly, they can be audible to others. It can also work as a preventive measure for people who have to continuously talk to a group of people, thus reducing strain on their vocal cords. This device proves ideal as a classroom mic with a speaker or a classroom voice amplifier too.
"We have been continuously listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback into the design of our products," says Abhay the product manager. "This has resulted in a product that meets the needs of a wide range of people and helps them communicate more effectively."
The company first launched its wired voice amplification system in 2015, which was followed by a wireless version of the same in 2017. Nefficar wireless voice amplifier (Model: N511-UHF) became the company's flagship product and gave it a foothold in the Portable PA systems segment while the latest model (N358), with a high-performance battery that can last for up to 30+ hours, remains the favorite of masses.
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"This product is amazing," says satisfied customer Suman Gowri referring to the wireless voice amplifier. "I was so doubtful while purchasing it but it has been worth it. It helps me every day as I am a teacher. If we speak softly, it is apt for a room of 20 to 30 students. If we speak loudly, this speaker can help you in a hall having 200 students! I save a lot of energy as I don't have to shout anymore. It is sufficient to charge it twice a week as I teach 4 classes a day. I am so glad I bought this cute little voice amplifier!"
Nefficar is an Indian brand that has established itself in the education sector by offering solutions for effective online and offline communication. Nefficar Voice Amplifiers have been Improving Communication and Quality of Life for Thousands Since 2015.
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