Real-Reel Stories: A New Genre of Storytelling

Jul 11, 2024

New Delhi [India], July 11: The world of espionage fiction has long fascinated readers and movie makers. Either they are based on true stories or are an absolute piece of fiction.
Inspired by this, two authors came together and decided to create Real-Reel spy fiction. Inspired by REAL events of courage and commitment to the nation by some of India's best covert operatives, these two authors decided to bring these unsung heroes to life through their six part series - The Panther's Ghosts which is written in a REEL form.
Published by Bloomsbury International and Westland Publishing, the books when read, feel like watching a movie and hence, managed to create a new category for themselves, called "Real-Reel Books".
The PG series have already received rave reviews and now the race is on for major production houses to secure the rights to adapt 'The Panther's Ghosts' into a thrilling web series.
The first two books of this six-part Indian covert ops series, penned by award-winning authors Ajit Menon & Anil Verma, have emerged as top contenders, promising a gripping narrative and complex characters that could translate seamlessly to the screen.
The Panther's Ghosts series follows the various covert operations conducted by Indian Special Forces on the back of India's tough 'Defensive Offence' doctrine. The series' intricate plotting, high-stakes action, and richly developed characters have not only made it a hit among readers, but also garnered the attention of major production companies eager to bring this story to life.
Industry insiders reveal that multiple production houses are in talks with Ajit & Anil, each aiming to secure the adaptation rights. The intense competition underscores the novel's potential to become a standout web series, promising a blend of suspense, drama, and high-octane action that could captivate a global audience.
As the demand for top-tier content on streaming platforms continues to rise, the potential adaptation of 'The Panther's Ghosts,' inspired by real events of our unsung heroes, is viewed as a golden opportunity. Declared a best-seller, the novel's fans are eagerly awaiting updates on its journey from page to screen, envisioning a series that is both, visually stunning and true to the essence of the book, a thrilling prospect that resonates with readers worldwide.
As we speak, the authors who left well paying corporate jobs to pursue their passion to become storytellers, are busy with their third book in the series which is due to hit the stands in November 2025.
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