Quantum Foundation's Café EQ 5.0: "Leading and Influencing using EQ" Marks a Triumphant Success

Sep 21, 2023

SRV Media
Pune (Maharashtra) [India], September 21: Quantum Foundation, a pioneering force in emotional Intelligence, is elated to announce the successful completion of the 5th edition of Café EQ, focused on "Leading and Influencing using EQ". The event, held at the Strategy Hall, Hotel Blue Diamond Koregaon Park, Pune, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 50 leaders, professionals, and learners dedicated to advancing emotional intelligence.
Café EQ, an integral initiative of Quantum Foundation, serves as a dynamic platform fostering a community of emotional intelligence specialists. The event exemplified the Foundation's commitment to bridging connections between leaders and learners through enlightening sessions on Emotional Intelligence. 
Quantum Foundation's vision extends beyond individual empowerment; it is dedicated to enhancing emotional literacy on a national scale. Café EQ stands as a beacon of this dedication, with an ambitious goal of promoting emotional literacy among One Million Individuals by 2030, achieved through a diverse array of impactful projects says Dr.Pratik P. SURANA the brain behind Café EQ and founder of Quantum Group. The same can be found at: 
The event featured distinguished panelists, including the lead speaker Manoj Apte, along with RJ Sangram Khopde, Dr Niti Dewan, and Adeeth Joshii, who generously shared their profound insights into leadership and influencing using EQ. ‘One of the key speakers emphasized on the significance of EQ's superiority to IQ and its role in change management by addressing emotions and pushing people beyond their comfort zones. Their contributions were invaluable in enriching the experience for all attendees. Café EQ has Leaders and Learners series and will be available for all the corporates/ government and non government organisations and the same can be arranged exclusively for a specific organisation as well as the open forums and panel discussions. 

As a testament to the success of the event, Quantum Foundation is delighted to share glimpses of Café EQ 5.0 with the wider community. These moments captured the vibrant discussions, valuable insights, and the collaborative spirit that defined the event.
Quantum Foundation is a pioneering organization dedicated to advancing emotional management on a national scale. Through initiatives like Café EQ, the Foundation seeks to create a community of emotional intelligence specialists, facilitating connections between leaders and learners for a more emotionally empowered society. The next Café EQ, Café EQ 6.0 will be held on 9th December 2023 between 0930-1230 hrs. The details of the same will be published soon. The initiative requires contributions in the form of donations and volunteers. The same can be made at: 
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