Qapitol Releases its First-ever Quality Engineering Report Focused on High-Growth Startups

May 18, 2024

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], May 18: Qapitol QA, a leading provider of Digital Quality Assurance and quality engineering solutions, has released its first-ever industry report, "Through Our Lens: Quality Engineering Trends in High Growth Startups - State of Industry Report 2024". Qapitol has been at the forefront of the Digital Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering revolution. Their track record includes collaborating with nearly 30 established unicorns, partnering with over 50 venture-backed startups at various stages of growth, and assisting 10 additional high-potential "Soonicorns" to drive quality across their entire product lifecycle.
Qapitol's expertise in automation testing is a crucial component of their software engineering process, allowing them to significantly reduce time-to-market for products and improve the outcomes of each sprint. This expertise, combined with a deep understanding of the industry trends and challenges, places them in a great position to provide insights into the current state of quality engineering in high-growth startups. The report highlights key trends, challenges, and best practices, offering valuable insights for startups and established companies alike.
Panguluri SK Mohan, CEO, Qapitol QA, further emphasizes the importance of quality engineering in high-growth startups, "When it comes to high-growth startups and unicorns, their overwhelming success makes it easy to look past the engineering and in particular quality engineering challenges. Quality engineering isn't just a checkbox; it's a compass guiding startups and unicorns through the turbulent seas of innovation. From navigating the test automation landscape to embracing AI, each of these organizations is stirring a sauce that works for their recipe."
The report notes that the future of quality engineering is characterized by the increasing adoption of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It also highlights the importance of cost of quality. Kalyan Chandrapu, COO, Qapitol QA, adds, "Quality engineering is the heartbeat of innovation. As Startups and Unicorns grapple with their automation framework conundrum, they must also invest in new skills. No doubt, the extended value chain for test automation holds immense potential. At the heart of it all lies a relentless focus on ROI. We've tried to examine the challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends from close quarters. We aim to empower organizations to make informed decisions and drive excellence in their product development journey."
To read the report "Through Our Lens: Quality Engineering Trends in High Growth Startups - State of Industry Report 2024" <Click link to download>
The full report is available for download on our website.
Qapitol transcends the boundaries of conventional quality engineering. As a digital technology company, their mission is to empower high-growth startups, unicorns, and market disruptors across India and the Middle East. Their end-to-end Digital Assurance and IP-led Quality Engineering solutions drive faster, high-quality product releases while optimizing the overall cost of quality. With a team of 300+ seasoned experts, they cover everything from test automation to security testing. Complexity is their playground, and they thrive on it.
Whether you're a unicorn or a tech-led leader, Qapitol tailors its services to meet your unique needs. Innovation is at their core, and they stay ahead of the curve by adopting the latest tools and methodologies. Their impressive client portfolio includes industry giants such as HDFC Bank, icertis, PhonePe, Swiggy, CRED, Flipkart, Zenoti, Myntra, and Zepto. These market leaders trust Qapitol to deliver excellence in product development. Their global impact extends to 150+ clients across the globe, proving that quality engineering knows no boundaries.
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