Johnson & Johnson to suspend supply of contact lenses to Russia

May 26, 2023

St Petersburg [Russia], May 26: U.S. company Johnson & Johnson has warned partners in Russia about the suspension of supplying contact lenses to the country, Russia's TASS news agency reported on Thursday.
The pharmaceutical company Protek, which is the official distributor of Johnson & Johnson contact lenses in Russia, confirmed that the company had received notices from its suppliers about the suspension of imports.
Products affected by the decision include lenses AcuvueOasys and AcuvueTruEye. The American company suspended the supply of personal care products to Russia on March 2022.
According to Dmitry Pogrebinsky, CEO of Protek, so far there are sufficient imported contact lenses available on the Russian market, and the company does not see the risk of a defect in this product.
Pogrebinsky added that there are no warnings from other foreign companies about the suspension of the supply of contact lenses to Russia for the time being.
In response to Johnson & Johnson's decision, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia announced that it would timely consider including contact lenses in the list of goods for parallel imports if their supplies to Russia are interrupted.
Source: Xinhua

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