International Teachers' Olympiad (ITO) 2023 crosses 70,000+ Registrations from Teachers of 90+ Countries

Sep 25, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 25: The International Teachers' Olympiad, the world’s largest multinational olympiad for teachers, recently launched its second edition in September. The Olympiad has already garnered an impressive registration count exceeding 70,000 registered teachers globally. Not to forget, the registrations are still coming in. These teachers hail from 90+ countries including India, UAE, Nigeria, USA, and Indonesia, among many others, and represent 10,000 schools worldwide.
Launched in 2022 by Suraasa, ITO offers teachers a secure and non-judgmental space to assess their skills, access actionable recommendations, and chart their path to becoming exceptional.
Three weeks after the Olympiad, every participant teacher receives a performance analysis report and an international certificate. This report provides valuable insights into their global standing, highlighting their strengths, and suggesting areas for improvement. Top achievers are honored with certificates of merit and badges of honor, while the top 100 teachers also receive well-deserved cash rewards worth INR 30 Lakhs.
Moreover, in a recent development, the U.S. based International Teachers’ University has announced a generous scholarship programme designed to recognise and reward Top 500 teachers of the ITO 2023. Scholarships worth a staggering INR 5 Crores have been earmarked for these 500 teachers who distinguish themselves. 
Rishabh Khanna, Founder & CEO of Suraasa, shared his excitement: "ITO 2023 is building on the incredible success of 2022. The response from educators worldwide has been phenomenal. With ITO, we are committed to equipping teachers with the tools, knowledge, and recognition they need to excel annually. The significant reward announced by International Teachers University, USA, has further solidified our efforts. This truly makes ITO 2023 the best ITO yet.”
The benefits of participating in ITO 2023 extend beyond cash rewards and certificates. Each month, participant teachers also receive an improvement plan, crafted by international teacher trainers. These plans guide teachers on the areas to focus on, helping them further enhance their teaching abilities.
The registration window for the International Teachers' Olympiad 2023 will remain open until September 30, 2023. Interested teachers can complete their registration online via at a nominal registration fee of INR 549. The Olympiad will be held on 7th October 2023 at 05:00 PM IST in the English language. 
Pallavi Govind, Former Vice Principal who participated in 2022 and has registered herself again for 2023, says "Participating in ITO 2022 was a transformative journey for me as an educator. The resources, insights, and connections I've gained have enriched my teaching and inspired me to aim for excellence. I have registered once again to assess my growth over the course of one year."
International Teachers' Olympiad stands as a beacon of empowerment for teachers. It goes beyond being a mere competition; it is a celebration of the dedication and passion that teachers bring to their classrooms every day. By recognising their tireless efforts and validating their commitment to excellence, ITO helps teachers discover their true teaching potential. With the support, resources, and recognition ITO provides, teachers worldwide are better equipped to inspire, influence, and create a brighter future.
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