Bidfe International Auctioneers Goes Global: Now Registered in UK and US, Planning Middle East Expansion

Jul 10, 2024

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], July 10: Bidfe International Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd., a company founded in India by Vijay Kishore Kandukuri, is now also officially registered in the United Kingdom and the United States. Headquartered in Chennai, the company is also set to expand across the Middle East and other Asian countries.
Bidfe began as a vision of a 23-year-old MBA student, Vijay Kishore Kandukuri. In his project report, Vijay predicted the rise of online sales and the elimination of middlemen, which will make it easier for sellers to reach end customers directly. This hypothesis now stands true and practical, with numerous e-commerce marketplaces simplifying life for consumers. At Bidfe, people can auction their goods, offering buyers access to antiques, paintings, coins, banknotes, books, and other rarities. The company's sites sell a wide range of rare items, from music to mats- there's something for everyone under one roof.
Discussing the company's recent expansion, Founder Vijay Kishore said, "Our mission is to create a global marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect effortlessly. With this expansion, and the upcoming ones in the Middle East and rest of Asia, we will be able to provide even more opportunities for artists, collectors, and vendors to develop a broader base. Ultimately, this growth will bring unique and rare items to people everywhere. They will be able to find exactly what they are looking for."

Chairman Vijay Kishore shared the journey of how he connected with offline sellers across India. He and his team visited art schools, flea markets, dealers, artists, petty sellers, collectors and others who are engaged in promoting, buying and selling art, coins, banknotes, books, music and others such products. The team encouraged them to register and sell through Bidfe. Today, the platform boasts over 25,000 users and thousands of registered sellers. The site features original art from renowned artists like S.H. Raza and M.F. Husain, as well as other promising artists from India as well as across the world. A panel of experts selects standout pieces from artists such as Aastha, Kavina, Srijan, Devansh, Rupali, Bhargavi, Snehal, and Ashish, from an art academy in Delhi.
Highlighting the platform's success, Vijay mentioned that a Raza painting recently sold for over 50 crore Indian Rupees. "Investors are becoming smarter. They are recognizing the value of original art and music," he said. Bidfe also encourages album sales from around the world, further adding to its diverse offerings.
Vijay Kishore Kandukuri's innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. He was recently awarded by Blindwink Business Awards as the founder of Bidfe- a platform creating significant opportunities for sellers, buyers, and vendors. Additionally, Franchise India recognized him as a "Successpreneur." Looking ahead, Vijay confidently states, "Bidfe will soon be a billion-dollar company."
Bidfe International Auctioneers is, thus, not just a marketplace; it's a testament to how visionary ideas can transform industries and create new opportunities for many.
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