Russian MPs to suspend trips to US after incident with interrogated lawmaker

Oct 09, 2019

Moscow (Russia) Oct 09: Visits of members of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) to the US will be suspended until the incident with Inga Yumasheva, a Russian MP detained at a New York airport and interrogated by the FBI, is explained, Aide to the State Duma Speaker Anastasia Kashevarova informed on her Telegram channel on Wednesday.
"In light of the incident that took place during the visit of MP Inga Yumasheva to the USA, our lawmakers will suspend their trips to the USA," Kashevarova wrote. "Work trips to USA will be suspended until US officials explain why Yumasheva was interrogated by the FBI for an hour at a New York airport, and until they apologize," she added.
The aide noted that such treatment of a Russian lawmaker by representatives of other states is unacceptable. "Only voters and Russian law enforcement can question or interrogate a member of the State Duma," she concluded.
Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that Yumasheva, who arrived at the Fort Ross Dialogue Forum, was detained at New York Airport by FBI officers for interrogation, which lasted about an hour. "She was detained at the New York airport, asked to proceed to an isolated room. An FBI agent identified himself and started questioning her for about an hour," the ambassador said. "Moreover, it was suggested that she meet the FBI agent in a more informal environment to continue this interaction," he added.
Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin told reporters on Monday that Yumasheva had made a significant contribution to developing relations between the US Congress and the Russian State Duma. According to him, the incident with Yumasheva may also be discussed by the State Duma Council, which will then consider introducing measures to avoid such situations in the future.
Yumasheva was elected to the State Duma through the federal list of the United Russia party and represents the Republic of Bashkortostan. She is a member of the international affairs committee.
Source: TASS

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