Poland further relaxes restrictions as COVID-19 cases drop

Jun 13, 2021

Warsaw (Poland), June 13: Poland will further ease COVID-19 restrictions from Sunday as infections are dropping across the country.
The government announced the new rules on Friday, according to which, cultural institutions like cinemas, theaters and museums can reopen their gastronomic facilities in a limited capacity.
Further loosening has been announced for June 26, when cultural institutions, dance clubs, restaurants and entertainment fairs, public transport, sporting facilities and concerts, and gyms could reopen with different limitations or at full capacity.
The country has recorded 239 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 47 deaths over the past 24 hours till Saturday morning, against 341 cases on Friday, data released by the Health Ministry showed, while the incidence of COVID-19 infections has dropped below 1 per 100,000 inhabitants.
As of Saturday, Poland has administered more than 24 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and the vaccination rate has reached 22.74 percent, according to official figures.
Source: Xinhua