MQM condemns destruction of martyrs' monument in Karachi

Dec 15, 2019

London [UK], Dec 14 (ANI): Convener of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Nadeem Ehsan and all the members of the party's Central Coordination Committee (CCC) have condemned the destruction of 'Martyrs' Monument' at the Jinnah Ground in Karachi and have termed the act as a shameful demonstration of state oppression and barbarism.
In a joint statement, MQM members said the relatives of the martyrs, workers of the MQM, and other people used to visit the Martyrs' Monument every year to offer Fatiha (religious ritual) and also to lay the floral wreath, but since the last four years, the tyrant and brutal government and the Army have put a ban on their visit.
Last night, the Paramilitary Rangers destroyed the monument. While in the past they have desecrated the place, this time they went as far as to destroy it. Nadeem Ehsan and the members of the CCC have condemned the incident and said that it is a shameful demonstration of state oppression and barbarism and eternal hate against the Mohajirs.
They further said that this condemnable act is not only against the relatives of the martyrs but is also causing grief and trauma to the whole Mohajir nation.
This brutal act is enough to open the eyes of all the Mohajirs to the fact that the state brutality has gone so far that even the monuments of their martyrs are now being demolished.
Ehsan and the members of CCC said that every religion keeps the sanctity of the graves but due to the severe hatred for the Mohajirs, "our monuments of the martyrs are also being destroyed."
They said that Allah is observing this cruelty and "we have faith that Allah will bring torment to those who have desecrated and destroyed the monument." (ANI)

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