Jennifer Lopez Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During a Concert in Moscow

Aug 05, 2019

Moscow [Russia] August 5: The singer appeared unfazed as part of her costume was torn away, and simply proceeded to change into a different outfit.
A concert by famous American singer J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) in Moscow on 4 August was marred by a slight mishap when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction right in the middle of her performance.
One of the outfits J-Lo wore during the event failed to match the singer's seemingly limitless energy during the performance after one of the straps holding her costume together got torn off.
"During her concert in Moscow, Jenifer Lopez got her costume ripped. The singer's white outfit burst below her breast, but the celebrity continued her performance. She regularly changed outfits for her acts. The audience saw her wearing a sparkling jumpsuit, golden, blue and green swimsuits".
Fortunately, the incident didn't seem to result in any serious exposure for J-Lo who appeared unfazed by the ordeal and simply proceeded to change into a different outfit.
The concert was held as part of J-Lo's "It's My Party" international tour which kicked off in the United States on 7 June and is expected to end in Russia on 11 August, with concerts also held in Canada, Israel, Turkey, Spain and Egypt.
Source: Sputnik

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