Inflation rate falls to 0.23 percent

Aug 09, 2020

Male (Maldives), Aug 9: The inflation rate in Maldives fell to 0.23 percent in June.
The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS's data shows the inflation rate fell to 0.23 percent this June while the rate was at 0.04 percent during the same period last year.
Inflation of fish dropped by 4.23% while price of vegetables fell by 5.7%. Price of fruits showed a decline in inflation by 4.9% while the inflation in communication service prices fell by 2.03%.
NBS said the highest inflation in prices were recorded in cafe', hotel and restaurant category with an increase of 2.02%. Inflation in sports and cultural activities category increased by a significant 14.57%. The prices of tobacco products also reflected an inflation on 0.39%.