EU urges access to China's market

Sep 15, 2020

Brussels (Belgium), September 15: Leaders of the European Union and China have agreed to accelerate talks on a bilateral investment accord. They are aiming to reach a deal this year. But differences remain over the openness of the Chinese market.
The officials held a video-conference on Monday. China's state-run Xinhua news agency quoted President Xi Jinping as saying the Chinese market is already open to EU companies. He said both sides should pursue openness and cooperation.
But European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said afterward that a lot still remains to be done.
She said European investors face too many barriers in key sectors, especially for future and emerging digital technologies. She said the EU expects the barriers will be removed.
The video conference also covered political issues. The EU side reiterated strong concern over China's national security law for Hong Kong. Xi reportedly brushed off the comment, saying Beijing doesn't tolerate any country meddling in its internal affairs.
The EU side urged China to refrain from unilateral actions in the South China Sea, respect international law and avoid escalations of tension.
Source: NHK World