Chinese company plans to invest $1 bln in construction in Moscow region

Oct 07, 2019

Moscow (Russia) Oct 07: Chinese company China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC) plans to participate in the construction of an administrative and business center in the urban-type settlement of Kommunarka. According to Head of the Department for the Development of the New Territories at the Moscow government Vladimir Zhidkin, the possibility of the company investing $1 bln is being discussed.
"The total volume of this project is about 4 mln square meters, the first stage is about 500,000 square meters," he said, adding "Recently we have discussed with CRCC CEO the possibility of their participation in the implementation of the first stage, he came to Moscow".
According to Zhidkin, "the volume of investment from the Chinese company could reach $1 bln".
Source: TASS

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